why custom strategies

Our custom strategies use our expert currency analysis, but are designed around your specific business goals. Our mandate is to understand your goals and ensure they are met or exceeded without any unwanted surprises.

⇒ Shouldn’t your business be the driver of strategies?

Castle Currency can provide custom tailored strategies to meet the needs of your business operations and financial goals. These custom strategies will consider timing issues, magnitudes of risk, individual projects, your annual budget, and margin targets.

⇒ Important to meet your budget targets?

Castle Currency custom tailors our strategies to meet the needs of your business which will also constantly be checked against the budget forecast and ensure that a minimum profit margin level is maintained.

  • Margin Protection/Threshold Risk – CCM employs a hedging process based on company margin and profitability requirements/targets. The goal is to maximize potential profit while setting a floor margin acceptable to your company. CCM will then establish trigger points. The feature of this strategy is that as currency moves in your company’s favour, the “threshold” trigger point is moved in your company’s favour.
  • Target Projections – CCM has a strategy which involves a sensitivity analysis based on expected exchange rates. The strategy allows for varying levels of hedges (from 0% to 100%) to be placed based on recent movements and future expectations. The goal is to capture “lock-in” any favourable move or “cash-in” on favourable hedges. The expectations are presented to your company and the ranges and hedge percentages are set.

Forward Hedges (Static) – CCM analyzes whether to lock in the rate at that time or to delay it. If a delay is selected, stop-loss orders are implemented to minimize the risk of the exchange rate moving significantly against your favour

  • Dynamic Hedging of Enterprise Risk – CCM has a proprietary dynamic hedging strategy, CanHedgeTM designed to provide protection from adverse currency moves while allowing participation in beneficial moves. The performance of the CanHedgeTM strategy proves to be highly successful in reducing risk and volatility.


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"Denial is common tactic..."
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Business Risks Companies Face
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Currency Movement Risks
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Hedging Strategies
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Conversions - Best Rate
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Risk Analysis
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Sensitivity Analysis
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Risk Audits
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Currency Risk Management Plan
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Centralized Foreign Exchange
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"Could your team benefit from more knowledge of currency risks and how to mitigate them. We would love to show them how"

Budgeting Currency to Margins
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Fully Managed Services
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"How can you be sure you are effectively managing your risk?"

"Do you know what your risk is at any given time? Shouldn't you?"

"Hire professionals who are experts at managing currency risk. Be aware of the difference between one who takes orders and conducts trades compared to one who analyzes not only the market but your specific business.

Risk Analysis
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Risk Management
"Denial is a common tactic that substitutes deliberate ignorance for thoughtful planning."

Currency Risk Management Plan
Developing an effective Risk Management Plan is an important part of any project

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