What Sets Us Apart

Jeff Boyko, founder and chief currency strategist
• resourceful, principled, astute
• top currency analyst and manager in North America with 20 years experience
• high business acumen, a profit oriented focus

Peter Panholzer, our European mentor and strategist
• established, perceptive, esteemed
• a distinguished world renown currency trader for over 40 years
• first currency-only specialist

• custom currency management solutions for individual businesses
• top caliber expertise available to SMEs
• dedicated to achieving your specific financial goals
• institutional advice fails to compete in relevance, quality, and personal attention

Narrow concentration on currency
Deep understanding of its effects on all aspects of your specific business

Superior currency strategies combine our expert analysis with your budget or financial goals

Enable success:
• exceptional market intelligence
• decisiveness
Navigate through inhibitors to success:
• control fear, greed, and ego

• focus on core responsibilities like budgets, finances, and shareholder relations
• more accurately project your financial performance
• a trusted adviser to your team

• identify both risks and opportunities
• define appropriate policies, rules, and procedures
• manage risk consistent with corporate risk appetite and culture
• develop a detailed plan to remain in control no matter what situation may arise.

Currency, more than any other item, can affect the profitability of the business.
• determine best rate to convert cash
• pinpoint key levels to lock in your forwards days, weeks, months, or years in the future
• weekly custom strategies meet your specific financial goals, prevent needless losses, and • create competitive advantages

"Denial is common tactic..."
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Business Risks Companies Face
"What types of risks can currency movements cause to a business?"

Currency Movement Risks
"What different types of currency movements should I be concerned of?"

Hedging Strategies
"You may already have strategies to manage your risk, see why Castle Currency provides effective strategies which can add to your existing ones"

Conversions - Best Rate
"you can capture a significant amount of money by improving the rate you get for conversion – let us help"

Risk Analysis
"It is important that you are managing the proper risk amount. We can help ensure it is neither too much nor too little"

Sensitivity Analysis
"Do you know what effect a significant currency move would have on your bottom line? We will show you then help you do something about it"

Risk Audits
"Have a third-party review your internal operations, it removes potential conflict and provides objectivity"

Currency Risk Management Plan
"Could you benefit from a Currency Risk Management Plan?"

Centralized Foreign Exchange
"Do you have one division buying USD at the same time another is selling?"

"Could your team benefit from more knowledge of currency risks and how to mitigate them. We would love to show them how"

Budgeting Currency to Margins
"Does it not makes sense to customize your currency risk management strategies to meet your margin expectations and limitations?" We strongly believe it does "

Fully Managed Services
"We watch the currency markets 24 hours a day – why not focus your time on your core business?"

"How can you be sure you are effectively managing your risk?"

"Do you know what your risk is at any given time? Shouldn't you?"

"Hire professionals who are experts at managing currency risk. Be aware of the difference between one who takes orders and conducts trades compared to one who analyzes not only the market but your specific business.

Risk Analysis
What is the worst-case scenario for your company right now?

Risk Management
"Denial is a common tactic that substitutes deliberate ignorance for thoughtful planning."

Currency Risk Management Plan
Developing an effective Risk Management Plan is an important part of any project

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